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This Smart Stool Can Detect Unhealthy Sitting Postures

Back hurts? Well, experts do say that putting your weight all day long on stiff postures will only result in pain and backbone problems. This Dutch company Zami Life has created this awkwardly uncomfortable smart stool for offices keeping in mind all these problems. And I bet you won’t find it comfortable at all!

It is one of the pioneering projects by the company. Zami Life was started a combined study on posture problems by an Orthopaedic surgeon and a furniture designer duo. And what do you get when you mix oil and water? Well, apparently, this thing right here.

Yes, this types of thing can make you back look straight.  The stool has a concave curved surface with no back support at all. We would all be on the edge of our seats all the time with the help of this “smart” sitting object. Object because it’s so weird that it can’t be called a stool in our books. The ridiculously curved design is made to promote an active sitting pose. According to them, it also helps in keeping the body moving all the time. It is necessary to do so because it helps exercising the muscles a little bit to keep them well maintained.

How does it monitor the posture and remind us to have the right balance? It has Pressure sensors installed in each of the four legs of the stool. Users can download the stool’s companion app and feed in their particulars like height, weight, etc. The app then transfers the data to the seat, and it makes its notes regarding the best possible posture for you. This data is then compared with your daily sitting patterns and the device also proposes solutions.

Overall, despite an unattractive shape, the smart tool does offer a healthy sitting style, and it will keep you active. It is available in different finishing materials like you can have a wood one or an aluminium one. The project is currently seeking funding through IndieGoGo, and you can get it for 379 $ now plus 400 $ at a later stage. The retail price will be around 1250 $, and shipping will be started around November.

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