This Smart Shirt Ensures That You Always Keep A Good Posture


Many people who have to work at a desk all day long suffer from the back pain of varying degrees from crippling pain to an occasional sore back. Studies show that it is caused due to chronic posture problems with how people sit. Since desk jobs require sitting more than field jobs, office people tend to develop them more. We have already covered Zamilife’s posture straightening stool that can help you avoid back problems. Since not everybody likes these kinds of awkward sitting stools, companies are still coming up with different ways to protect the back from that chronic pain. Adela health, a health products company has just come up with TruPosture named shirt that can help us keep the perfect sitting pose and provide real-time feedback for extended periods of time.


While sitting, you need to be constantly reminded of your sitting technique and how it is creating pressure on the spine. There is only a single such posture, and if you deviate from it even a little bit, vulnerable points on the spine can be subjected to uneasy pressure and ultimately cause back pain. The shirt provides live feedback of the posture with the help of various nano-sensors along the length of the vertebral column that are embedded with washable, breathable fabric. These sensors can sense the rotation of the spine within an accuracy of half a degree. This live data from these sensors can be used to relate to the perfect posture of any person. If a person slouches or leans more than necessary, the shirt vibrates to tell him about the unhealthy posture and only gets quiet when the back is in the right place.

There are many fitness apps that use typical fitness data, but this is unique in this respect as it uses live data from the back to deal with the primary problem. It also streams data from the shirt to smartphone app TruPosture that is available in Windows, iOS and also Android. In addition to spinal modes, TruPosture also gives options for other types of activities like standing and stretching.

The new shirt is currently subject to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The current price for such a shirt has been set at 99$ which is almost 50% off the planned retail price, so it is a good buy. You can also choose the color of your liking. We spend hundreds of dollars buying back care products once the pain starts. Why not invest 99$ and save yourself from it in the first place? If all goes according to plan, backers can get their hands on the product by May 2016.

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