Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Mysterious Hair Brush That Can Straighten Hair In Seconds

DAFNI hair straightening brush3

A video showing a girl with lots of entangled curly hair getting her hair straightened with the help of a mysterious brush is going viral on the internet with a hundred million views reported on the Facebook alone. The viral video was released by radio FM 98.3 Kora in Texas, and it shows the curly haired woman getting her hair straightened out within a matter of seconds.

A brush that straightens hair?!? Add this to the Christmas wish list this year…


Although I really like people with curly hair due to their distinctive style, I have rarely met any curly haired fellow who doesn’t envy straight hair from the start.

DAFNI hair straightening brush

The radio station was just as flabbergasted as the audience as it never thought it was going to get that huge a response. The post was swarmed with comments, and they were already comparing the rumored product to the hot combs and other similar stuff available online. The brush is from an Italian company named DAFNI, and the concept is quite the same as before as it uses hot ceramic through your hair to make it extremely straight and rid of any curls or waves. What makes this product unique is that it can make your hair look normal in less than two minutes beating other competitors by a lot of time. DAFNI accomplished this with the help of a larger surface area than conventional straighteners that can take a lot of time to do it. Plus, no entanglement and other options can occur since its already a brush and it combs it on the go.

DAFNI hair straightening brush3

The only problem your curly haired fellas will have to face is that the price is quoted to be around 300 $, but even with this outrageous one, it has already sold out at the Dermstore’s website. Seven reviewers have used this product, and almost all of them have left positive reviews for it thanking DAFNI for solving the biggest problem of their curly lives. Some, however, are dissatisfied with the price accusing the company of excessive profiteering due to lack of competition. No doubt they will look to patent it and increase the price even more.

Btw I like curly hair. Can they make something similar for converting boring straight hair into curls?



    I found a similar brush in Canadian at a store called Bed, Bath & Beyond, the brush is identical to the Dafni brush and only cost $56 (CAD) I have a girlfriend who bought the Dafni brush and I compared the two brushes, they were virtually identical. Same Ceramic face, same temp, same results. If you want to buy a ceramic brush to straighten your hair, before you run out and pay $300 for the Dafni brush, look up “Simply Straight” and save yourself $250

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