HiddenHUB Speaker Adjusts Sound According to the Geometry of Your Room

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After covering the latest Hidden speaker Hiddenradio 2, we are back with yet another Hidden product; The HiddenHUB. It is a new speaker concept that has raised over 641,000$ up to date in a very successful Kickstarter campaign currently going on. The idea centers around smart managing of sound quality based on user experience and room shape to create the best sound in any place of your liking. In standard sound systems, we have to adjust manually the sound each time to suit the surroundings. Tight spaces mean low decibels and other attributes while spacious spaces mean high volume and changes in other sound characteristics.

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With the help of the new HiddenHUB, it seems that the Hidden is going far and beyond simply paired wireless speakers and good sound quality. So, to boost its position as a key innovator in the field, the company has come up with yet another dimension of intelligently controlling sound according to the room dimensions. It also detects your presence and starts/stops sound depending on it. It also surrounds the room with the most optimal sound quality to soothe your ears and avoid constant handling.

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With a timeless design and smooth finish, the unique sound device has the same classy feeling like that of the preceding HiddenRadios. It can even pair up with them and create a connected hub throughout the building controlled by it so you won’t have to place wires and sound systems each storey or room. One tap on your smartphone/computer and you can control the sound of all of the building. Amazing concept, huh?

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With a long-lasting battery and connectivity, it could soon become the speaker system of choice for your homes and even workplaces. Its dimensions are 8.5 x 2.5 inches, which is smaller than most sound systems and certainly small enough for an exclusive device that intelligently operates. The smart LED illumination system of the new HiddenHUB means that you can also use it for some fancy lighting in the room of your choice. You can increase or decrease the brightness with just a turn on the touch-sensitive front. There is no need for setting it up. It works straight out of the box and connects instantly with all Windows, Android, Apple Airplay, Apple devices with ease and even Televisions so you can have a robust home cinema experience.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently going on, and you can get your hands on the speaker system for 359 $. If you don’t have HiddenRadio, you can get one at Kickstarter price over there too, and if you own one already, a HiddenHUB addition can make the experience worth remembering!

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