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9 Gifts You Can Get For Your Teenager


The gifting season is upon us and already we have uploaded two gift guides; one for dads and one for CEOs. Here’s the third one for you to make use of. Enjoy the gift guide on what to get for your teens!

9. Bacon Shaving Cream

While we don’t need teenagers spending more time in getting ready, this shaving cream which smells like bacon is still on the list. Nothing says you care for someone like improving their shaving experience and well, who doesn’t like the smell of bacon in the morning? You can purchase it for $12.99.
You can get one here

8. Music Balloon

We all are sick and tired of teens that have their earphones plugged in and can’t hear a damn thing you’re telling them. The solution is simple and stylish. Get them this music balloon, worth $45, and enjoy the results. The gadget is cool and can be carried easily which makes it a must have for teens. You can get one here

7. iHat Music Hat

iHat has been recently released. It works as your winter hat but with a major tweak. This tweak involves built in headphones and a hands free which means u dont need to take your cell out of your pocket. This will cost you $32.50. You can get one here

6. Pick Punch

A lot of teens are fascinated by guitar and usually own one. However, losing picks is a frustrating problem. Pick punch solves this problem by being able to cut out a perfectly shaped pick from anything made of hard plastic. This will cost you $32.95.
You can get one here

5. BlackDiamond3 Brilliant Wireless Speaker

This wireless speaker is capable of connecting to almost all the smartphones and provides music and room décor for your teen. The speaker comes with a number of lighting options as well. This will cost you $99.95. You can get one here

4. Remote Control Wand

Most of the teens are into Harry Potter and you can gift them this magical wand. It can be also called a remote control wand and is programmable. For those teens that are not into Harry Potter and prefer “Dr. Who”,  you can gift them the screwdriver’s version of this gadget. It will cost you $89.99 and you can get it here

3. Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

All teens are music lovers and they all will really appreciate a good set of headphones, especially if they are Beats by Dr. Dre. Beats comes in a number of styles and you can also gift speakers from Beats. The cost varies from $199.95 to 449.95. You can get one here

2. An Eighth-Generation Gaming Console

For those teens that are fans of PlayStation or Xbox, you can gift them a gaming console and the teen will forever be indebted. This will cost you dearly but hey it will bring a smile on so many faces! The cost will vary from $399.99 to 499.99. You can get one here

1. Smartphones

The number one on our list is smartphone and well it is the most perfect gift for a teen. It helps them stay in communication, listen to music, play games and what not! However, do consult the teen about the brand he/she wants. It will cost you $99.99 – 399.99. You can get one here

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