Royole FlexPai Is A New Smartphone That Is Foldable & Flexible

The CES 2019 saw a variety of flexible screens. We have already talked about LG’s Roll-Up Television. The next in line is the Royole’s FlexPai – the world’s very first commercial phone + tablet that is foldable. It features a completely flexible display and is a part of the devices that are challenging the fixed screen gadgets.

Royole is a pioneer in flexible sensors, flexible displays, and smart devices. However, up till now, their reputation has remained somewhat restrained to the flexible technology rather than bringing new products in the market that can compete with the titans of the market.

By introducing FlexPai, Royole aims to gain the first movers’ advantage with the technology and create a name for itself in the market as a producer of consumer products. FlexPai by Royole was officially launched on 31st October 2018. It was touted as the world’s first commercial foldable smartphone that features a flexible display. The FlexPai, to cut a long story short, is everything that was promised in context of a flexible smartphone.

You can use it whether it is folded or unfolded thus imparting the portability and functionality of both; smartphone and tablet. It relies on Royole’s 2nd generation Cicada Wing flexible displays. It can easily bend form 0 to 180 degrees, and the screen doesn’t crack the way screens of other smartphones crack. Furthermore, the screen is highly scratch resistant.

Once unfolded, the FlexPai provides multitasking and split-screen modes; enabling users to carry out drag-and-drop between apps, similar to the way you can do on a computer. It makes use of Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 8-series SoC built-in AI support and is upgradable to 5G. The cameras feature a 20-megapixel telephoto lens and a 16-megapixel wide angle lens. It also has a fast charging system based on Royole’s Ro-Charge technology and operates on a modified version of Android OS by Google.

Royole has been at the frontlines of the flexible screen revolution. The Flexible+ platform by the company can be integrated into a variety of applications or products thus imparting a sensational user experience. The company was one of the first to create the flexible screen technology that was proudly displayed at CES 2019.

Michael Williams, Royole’s Senior Director of Marketing, said, ‘Royole’s Flexible+ technologies have squarely put us in a leadership position in today’s ever-evolving consumer technology industry. We are currently working with over 220 business partners worldwide to implement flexible displays and sensors in a variety of products that will reshape the world of consumer technologies.’