The World’s First Foldable iPhone Is Here – And Apple Didn’t Make It

For the past couple of years, Apple has been looking to create their first foldable iPhone. There are some rumours going around that the company is secretly working on a foldable phone prototype, but nothing is anticipated before 2025.

Meanwhile, the first foldable iPhone in the world is already on the market. However, it is not made by Apple.

KJMX, a Hong Kong-based YouTuber, developed a foldable iPhone using iPhone X components and the chassis of a Motorola Razr. KJMX collaborated with a team of engineers to build the iPhone, and the creators are dubbing it iPhone V. It resembles the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. According to the sources, the phone took a year to create after countless attempts and blunders.

The iPhone V’s display was derived from the iPhone X by removing the glass cover and touch layers, save for the flexible OLED panel. Unfortunately, the removal of the OLED screen was not an easy task. The crew shattered 37 iPhone X screens before finding a functional one that matched the phone.

The internal components of the Motorola Razr 2019 were installed on the chassis. To divide the motherboard in half, the team used 3D printing to create a custom-made motherboard.

Unfortunately, the iPhone V has a 1,000mAh battery but no MagSafe or wireless charging capability. Nevertheless, the team’s efforts deserve to be lauded. The foldable iPhone appears to be a company-made piece, which makes a big difference.

Let’s hold out hope that Apple contacts them shortly and begins producing foldable iPhones for users.

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