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  1. Marc Reply

    What we really need is a sensor that tells us when we are not getting enough sun exposure! A 20 year Swedish study demonstrated that women who were always seeking the sun, had half the risk of all-cause death, compared to women who stayed indoors. A basic premises of this article is that sun exposure causes melanoma. That premise is not true. Blocking too much sunlight can be dangerous, and the best way to avoid sun damage is to cover up or find shade when you have had enough. Conventional sunscreen is filled with toxic chemicals that may cause cancer. Avobenzone and oxybenzone are two of the worst. Sunscreen can block up to 99% of vitamin D production in the skin. Isn’t it interesting that each year the use of sunscreen increases, and each year the risk of melanoma increases? It is not sun exposure that causes health problems; it is sun deprivation. The latest research shows that sunscreen is leading to widespread vitamin D deficiency. For more information, visit sunlightinstitute.org

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