Now You Can Catch Them All With This DIY Pokémon Gun

pokemon gun

If you love to catch Pokémon but want to do more than bury your nose in your smartphone and swipe your finger then someone has found a solution for you. Joerg Sprave is a German and also a Pokémon enthusiast who has made the Pokémon catching experience even more fun! How you ask? Watch the video below:


As you can see he has created a pump gun that hunts Pokémon and can shoot real, solid Pokéballs at targets e.g. a human-sized Pokémon in the video. This way you can play Pokémon Go effectively and with multiple players. The Pokémon gun uses rubber bands to send the Pokéball in a projectile towards the Pokémon targets. The action is pretty simple and the majority of the readers could easily recreate the gun and the explosive Pokéball. Perhaps the most costly component of the device is the iPhone that Joerg uses for taking an aim.

Credits: Popular Mechanics
Credits: Popular Mechanics

Although you should not go out exploding everything that comes in your way, but this would be a fun DIY project for playing in the woods. Let us know what you think of this new Pokémon pump gun!

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