Check Out This Cool Robotic Lego Burger King Dispenser


If you can avoid stepping on them, these Lego building blocks are pretty cool to play with. You can build all sorts of amazing, functional things just for the fun of it; and everyday we see people doing that and a lot more. But you probably would not see as cool a Lego invention as this automatic burger king dispenser.

YouTube user AstonishingStudios has recently uploaded a video showing how he has built a fully working Burger king meal dispenser, and it looks pretty amazing by the look of it. The video shows machine accepting real money and bringing out Lego fries, a Lego burger and real Coca-Cola. Check it out below.

The mechanism has been designed using the classic Lego Mindstorms modules and motors. This module is widely used even at university levels to teach students about. programming and robotics.

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