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Say Hello To This New 370-Inch TV That Costs Only $1.6 Million

Home theatre was just taken to a whole new level following the introduction of Titan Zeus; the biggest TV so far! Welcome to the home theatre of your dreams that sports a screen worth 370 inches and a 4K HD resolution. The only downside? It will cost you $1.6 million to get this mammoth of a screen.

It has been designed by Titan and is being touted as the largest in the lineup of a series of huge TVs that the company aims to sell to buyers such as Microsoft’s Xbox Division. The team has sold the TV to a private customer whose identity is being kept anonymous so far. London Manufacturer is offering TV that are sporting 175, 196 and 251 inches of display and also offer fully customizing the display. Behold, the customization is not an amateur one; we are talking about your TV screen from emerging from the inside of a swimming pool or having it customized for roof terrace.

It might appear to be something that no one might buy right now, however, as technology progresses and we step towards a future full of technology; who knows this might become the next fad!

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