This 262-Inch 4K TV Is A Must Have For Your Luxury Home

When LCDs came into our lives to replace those small, old, and fat television sets, the day became quite a bit brighter with bigger and more colorful displays. When the 50-inch LCDs were launched, all of us went into high heavens of cinematic entertainment at our homes. What we are going to reveal now is the new 4K monster which spans over a height of eight and a half feet spreading to over 20 feet in length and creating a world record diagonal of 262 inches.


That is just a weird thing to imagine for our ordinary homes but only if you own one of those highly furnished and expensive villas with rooms as high as 12 feet. Oh, drop that! You will need a room with the size equivalent of a small cinema hall and believe me, this is what this screen is worthy to have.

The Austrian electronics expert C Seed makes the largest displays, and their current largest outdoor television 201 is a thing of beauty in itself. Your mansion is just screaming for one of these definitely. Just grab half a million bucks and order one using your American Express Centurion card.

The C Seed 201 may be smaller than the new indoor monster, but the round thing rises out of the ground to unfold into a grand screen that adjusts itself to a viewing angle that suits you. They even make outdoor speakers and subwoofers that resemble a futuristic landmine rising out of the ground just like the 201 to give you the best television experience outdoors.

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    This is a very good time for the current time. When LEDs are going on a lot of discussions, it’s really good news to make such an announcement.

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