Samsung Unveils The World’s Largest QLED Based 88-Inch TV

Our TV screens remained small and bulky as long as we used the cathode ray technology. As soon as we moved to the flat screen technology, we have seen those flat screens growing into massive monsters, big enough to serve as cinema screens with a 34-foot (408-inches) display.

We have seen LCD and LED displays of much larger sizes, but this 88-inch Q9 is the biggest of all that makes use of the QLED tech. The quantum dot televisions use a thin layer of semi-conducting crystals between the backlight and LCD screen. The little dots made up of metal alloys produce color and contrast while outperforming the OLED panels. According to Samsung, the technology used in the Q-series re-creates the DCI-P3 color space to provide most naturally occurring colors with 100 percent accuracy, and no other brand has achieved that so far.

Image: Samsung

The display of the Q9 is undoubtedly amazing, and the 78-inch wide television will require you to have wide enough wall space and a hell lot of money; $20,000! This money will bring you 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution, 240 Hz refresh rate, and a 10-bit HDR system. Four HDMI ports at the back, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi allow efficient communication between your various gadgets and TV; you will no longer have visible cables dangling underneath. A transparent optical cable comes with the box, so you can invisibly connect to the peripherals.

Image: Samsung

The Q9 has its thin bezels and minimum thickness as compared to the rest of the Samsung’s QLED series. A dedicated wall mounting system comes with the TV to give it the complete look of class and elegance.

This one will cost you $20,000, but the prices will go down as low as $2,500 for the  smaller ones measuring 55″, 65″, 75.”

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