Take A Look At This Cinema Camera Manufacturers ‘RED’s’ First Smartphone Costing $1,200

If you are a big fan of cameras, you must have heard of the camera manufacturers ‘RED’ that makes some of the highest rated video cameras in the world. The company has just announced its first ever smartphone Hydrogen One. The complete details have not been revealed yet, but the phone offers remarkably different features as compared to any other phone in the market.

Image Credits: Marques Brownlee /YouTube

The phone comes with a modular accessory system that supports camera tools of much higher quality as well as a holographic display that will display images with a 3D effect while requiring no special glasses at all.

Image Credits: Marques Brownlee /YouTube

The phone is packed with bleeding edge technology, and the appearance sure makes it look like an iPhone 7 Plus, but it has a slightly bigger screen size. It will support a pretty massive modular camera system that you cannot expect to come with any slim phone.

Image Credits: Marques Brownlee /YouTube

The pre-order price for the Hydrogen One begins at $1,195, and there is nothing, but one teaser image of the device. A famous YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, also known as “MKBHD,” just received a non-functional prototype of Hydrogen One from the company. Here is everything else that Brownlee has to say about this large and quite bulky smartphone.

The phone is neither cheap nor slim, and its 5.7″ display is nowhere close to Samsung’s bezel-less front, but it will certainly become one of the most exciting phones of the market soon.

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