Guy Creates Flamethrower Gloves That Let You Punch Street Fighter Fireballs

You may not have super powers, but you sure can have many of “Street Fighter” powers. The Hadouken attack is one of them, and hacker Allen Pan has just built the right gadget for it.

Pan has created a pair of custom gloves with an embedded butane dispenser that throws off a blast of fire every time you deliver a punch. A motion sensor detects the punch and triggers the fire balls through the mechanism that Allen built using some parts from an electric arc lighter.

Image: YouTube

The idea for the gloves sprouted from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. The wearable feels more like a recreation of Street Fighter “Hadouken.”

Allen may have intelligently and safely designed the gadget but it is really not the best idea to get into a DIY of the sort, but if you are adamant on building one, you can find the entire tutorial at Hackster. Until then, you may want to settle with watching this cool video:

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