New Video Leak Shows Two Different iPhone 8 Designs. Which One Is Real?

The Apple 10th Anniversary phone is highly anticipated, and the rumors of launch delays are sinking hearts. Leaks about phone’s design and features began to appear last year, but the last few months have been flooded with rumors and leaks about the iPhone 8. Many mockups based on the leaks have emerged, and all of them showed slight differences in its design.

Two of the iPhone designs that have been seen floating around also have some differences and a new video analyzed both. The phone’s launch is expected by September, and a  Japanese Apple news blog, Mac Otakara, got both rumored designs and made a comparison with their 3D printed models, and they call it “3D print check.”

Image Credits: Mac Otakara

One of the designs is a bit larger and the second one is a tad thinner, more compact with a different rear camera. Some leaks have also sprung from third party iPhone case designs, and the blog compares the 3D printed models with the case as well.

As it turns out, the first bigger leak is in perfect accordance with the case and a screen protector, but the second one does not fit with either of the accessories.

Watch the video below for the complete analysis and comparison.

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