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Meet The World’s Smallest 3G Phone – The Zanco T2

Do you wish to go back to the ’80s, definitely you would love to? Everyone these days needs a break from the monotony. Technology, though, has eased our lives a lot but we still wish to pack our bags and take the next flight to a place where we can have a break from the notifications.

Well, no need to spend dollars planning your next flight. A little funny but we’ve got a surprising mini version of your mobile phones. It doesn’t promise to keep you updated with the emails and Facebook pop-ups, but it surely can keep your family at comfort with messages or calls. Just keep the miniature in your pocket, plug in the Bluetooth, yeah! It does have Bluetooth connectivity, not so old now! And there you go jogging.

The fancy gadget, launched by Zini mobiles, has taken the seat for the smallest 3G phone available. Want to know the dimensions? It measures 61 x 30 x 16.5mm only, with a net weight of 31g. Amazed? We considered it a toy as well. The display is only 1-inch with 128 x 96 pixels.

Making you re-live the older times, it has no internet connectivity. But yes, you can capture pictures with a 0.3-megapixel camera. Laughing hard? At least it is distracting you from the unavoidable social media, and making you able to stay in the moment. Quite self-convincing though.

We won’t boast off on the specs but it will surely give you the vibe of those handy keypad mobile phones you loved playing the snake game at. And this clarifies the usual old interface adopted for Zanco t2. You must take out your muscles from the break mode now, as the flexibility of typing on touch screens won’t be followed here.

Hold on, the struggle isn’t finished yet. The size of buttons is much smaller than the ones that fit your fingertips and you would definitely be needing some extra dose of patience to scroll through the menu bars. Apart from the socializing platforms, you’ll be getting the complete mobile phone package, with alarm features, radio, calculator and your favorite snake game.

It really is a cool gadget hidden under your fist. And you can flex in front of your friends by receiving a real call on this not so real device. As per the cost is concerned, the deal has a retail price of US $130. And if you want to add the Bluetooth earphones, drop the US $20 more. Giving it a second thought? Well, you should because a simple text and call phone can be fetched with as low as 50 bucks. Why spend the remaining dollars for merely a comedy factor!

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