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New Cochlear Implant Promises To Restore Hearing Ability

The pioneering hearing device company, Cochlear Limited, showcased the latest implantable hearing devices at CES 2019. The company aims to help about half a billion people all over the world that are the victim of disabling hearing loss. A variety of Cochlear Limited’s gadgets were on display at the CES 2019. The displayed gadgets also included Nucleus 7 sound processor series.

The Nucleus 7 Sound Processor – award winning – was a featured product at the Cochlear Limited’s CES booth. The Nucleus 7 Sound Processor is lighter and smaller than other behind-the-ear implants that are available. It is currently leading the implants with its pioneering engineering and technology.

It works by making use of a receiver-stimulator for registering the sounds that are within the range of the implant and then converts them into electrical signals. These signals then move through an electrode in the inner ear so that they can be delivered to the brain as data that can be interpreted as sound.

As opposed to the earlier models, the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor features over 50% battery and comes with dual microphones that can help the user to filter out the background noise and enjoy a phenomenal hearing experience. The gadget is capable of streaming sound data simultaneously to a ReSound hearing aid, thus enabling the user to listen via both ears simultaneously.

It also comes with a Nucleus Smart App. Using this smart app, users can find the misplaced or lost sound processors, make adjustments to the sensitivity of the sound process for reducing the noise from behind the implant, or monitor and track a user’s progress with the hearing tracker.

Susan Beckett, a recipient of Cochlear Limited’s implant, accompanied the company to CES. She says, ‘With the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor I don’t miss a thing, and my implants gave me a career. I am able to work for the State of Nevada, where much of my job requires me to transcribe audio recordings, something I could never have done before. After first experiencing hearing loss in high school, I found that the hearing aids were not providing me benefit, but the cochlear implant has. And the upgrade to the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor meant having a technology that enhanced enjoyment and productivity in so many areas of my life, personal and professional.’

Cochlear Limited also showed its bone conduction hearing gadgets on display and also relied on a VR experience bone conduction demo for explaining to the audience what using an implant is like.

Trautwein, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Cochlear Limited, said, ‘CES gives us an opportunity to connect directly with consumers to educate them on hearing loss and how our technology may help them when hearing aids aren’t enough.’

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