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Cell One Is A Multi-Tier Indoor Garden That Does Not Require Frequent Maintenance

Cell One Is A Multi-Tier Indoor Garden Raising Funds On Kickstarter!

Do you know the drawback of living in urban areas? Not everyone has ample space to grow vegetables. This renders the indoor garden devices highly attractive for those who wish to get fresh produce every day for the 365 days of the year. The latest indoor garden is a multi-tier setup and is called Cell One.

As of right now, Cell One is raising funds on Kickstarter. The gadget focuses on growing microgreens and sprouts because they are nutrient rich and require a short time for growth. Each Cell One unit comes with a Superfood Assistant – plant-based nutrition guide.

The working of the gadget is quite simple; you need to fill up the water tank, peel the top off a biodegradable pod that is pre-seeded and place the pod in the tray. All of the pods are soil-free and house organic and non-GMO untreated seeds. Cell One is a three-tiered gadget that has its own irrigation system, ventilation, and LED lighting. Lighting and watering cycles are autonomously adjusted.

The top tray utilized daylight and LED lighting for growing items including cress, mustard, radishes, alfalfa, and broccoli. The middle tray can be used for sprouting oats, buckwheat, lentils, chickpeas, and mung beans. The lower tray can be used for rice, nuts, or white beans that need to be soaked.

The gadget measures in at a weight of six kilograms and require 30W of power. It can manage 3 liters of water and at any given time can house six seed pods. The used pods can be thrown in the compost bin after they have been harvested. It comes with a companion smartphone app that offers access to a Nutrition Assistant along with being able to control the unit.

If all goes well with the crowdfunding, Cell One will be shipping in February 2020!

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