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These New Autofollow Chopsticks Can Grab Flying UAVs

Teledyne FLIR’s latest innovation in drone technology presents a groundbreaking solution for military operations. A mesmerizing video showcases their new autonomous drone-catching cradle, designed to match the movements of a model helicopter and snatch it the moment it’s within reach. This advancement allows soldiers to launch and retrieve drones from the safety of their vehicles, enhancing reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities on the battlefield.

In response to the evolving landscape of modern warfare, characterized by the Ukraine conflict, where drones are instrumental, Teledyne FLIR is spearheading the development of cutting-edge systems like the “Black Recon.” This system, mounted on military vehicles, can autonomously deploy and retrieve up to three small helicopter UAVs during missions, eliminating the need for personnel to expose themselves to danger by manually handling drones.

Equipped with cameras and infrared imaging payloads, these UAVs provide real-time intelligence on terrain conditions, enemy presence, and potential threats such as mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Additionally, they can navigate tricky environments like bridges to detect hazards effectively.

The Black Recon system features a sophisticated cradle mechanism comprising six robotic arms that seamlessly track and intercept incoming drones. This technology, demonstrated at the DSEI expo in London, exhibits remarkable speed and precision in capturing drones, showcasing its potential effectiveness on moving vehicles. Moreover, it operates reliably in various weather conditions and can function in GPS-denied areas, ensuring operational flexibility.

Teledyne FLIR’s innovation extends beyond vehicle-mounted systems; they are also refining their Black Hornet “nano UAV,” offering infantry troops similar situational awareness benefits. Deployable from a compact belt-mounted box, this nano UAV enhances the capabilities of ground forces, providing critical intelligence in challenging environments.

Overall, Teledyne FLIR’s advancements in drone technology represent a significant leap forward in military reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities. By streamlining drone deployment and retrieval processes, their systems enhance operational efficiency and safety for military personnel, ensuring they remain ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of modern warfare.

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