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Skylock Is A New Wifi Connected Smart Lock That Protects Your Bike From Getting Stolen

How do you ensure that your bike is safe? We bet you are still relying on that D-shaped bike lock that came out like ages ago. Now the question that we must ask you is; are you ready for a change? All other gadgets of security have improved over the past few years; look at the home security systems and the car locks that are currently being used on modern cars. Skylock is a company, which has taken an initiative to tech-nize the bike lock by introducing a lock that is capable of working with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; and is a “Smart Lock”

If you look at this gadget, the first thing you will ask is, what’s so special about it? That is because it resembles the traditional D-shaped bike lock. But take a closer look and you will notice the solar panel on it along with a keypad. The solar panel has been installed to keep the electronics within the lock powered up and so that the lock can make use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It comes with a companion app that connects to the lock via Bluetooth and will allow you to remotely unlock the lock saving you the frustration and time of fumbling with it in attempts to open it. The keypad has been installed as a secondary unlocking option in case your smartphone’s battery dies (Good thinking Skylock.)

The lock has motion detectors as well and they can detect if the lock is being tempered with. However, in order to warn you, the lock needs to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot region. If it is; it will send you a text that will warn you against a possible theft taking place. This built in motion detector is also capable of working like an accident reporting gadget/app and will send out a distress call if it comes to the conclusion that you have been in an accident. This requires a Wi-Fi connection too though.

The Skylock also caters for times where you can allow/disallow people from using your bike. The access can be granted remotely. This also works quite well if you want your children to go out and get some work done during the day but are not very keen on letting them take off after midnight.

There are some glitches (Wi-Fi connection required) and the lock is prone to brute force and/or cutting mechanisms. However, it does serve the primary purpose of warning the user if the bike is being stolen and gives them time to react quickly and prevent the theft. The lock costs $159 and will be delivered early next year.
Check out the product video below: