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This Backpack Is Actually A Portable Washing Machine That Can Wash Your Clothes On The Go

Scrubba washing bag

Traveling is not easy when it comes to our clothes. Many times we have left our house hoping for a good adventure, but we get irritated soon because of our limited number of clothes and undergarments start smelling foul. This is where this great washing backpack comes in. After enjoying success with Scrubba Washbag, which was dubbed as the world’s smallest washing machine, the team behind it is back with another twist. Instead of making the machine into a pocket-sized in appearance, they have decided to scale it up and incorporate it into a backpack. Thus, it can be used to for multiple purposes! Furthermore, the features of the original Scrubba washbag are greatly enhanced, and it washes much more efficiently now.

The idea behind the backpack is that it is completely portable in nature. It can be carried around easily. The washbag was able to fit into a pocket so wasn’t that better? The whole concept of being portable has gone into play here. When we are on the move, not only we need a portable cleaner for our clothes, but we also need a bag for them to store in. So, the dual function of Scrubba pack makes it very handy for it to use as we are primarily using the storage compartment as our washing machine.

It is completely waterproof and tourists, adventurers and hikers can use it all day long as a backpack and come back to wash any piece of clothing to machine-quality standards. Using it is very simple. You have to fill it with soap, water, and clothes. Remove the air from the bag and rub the clothes from the outside for about three minutes. Then you open the bag, rinse them and dry hang them out to dry.

The reason behind the speckless cleaning of the bag is that it has a soft washboard inside of it. There are a countless number of nodules on the inside of the bag that help rub the clothes clean. Besides, they are less rigid than any actual machine making it use easy and perfect for delicate garments. The Polyether Urethane material used in it also resists water damage.

Not everybody likes to wear the bag as a backpack, so the Scrubba is completely adjustable. It can be carried around like a sling bag, messenger bag or backpack. Heavy padding has been induced in the straps so the users will be quite comfortable throughout the day wearing it. The Scrubba team is once again seeking crowdfunding through IndieGoGo. They will need to raise 15,000 $ to reach their minimum target, and the price of the initial pledge is 79 dollars. It will eventually jump to 99 dollars when in retail. So, if you want to fund their cause of portable washing, pledge away!

Here is the pitch video from the Scrubba team:

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