This Gold-Plated Screwdriver Comes With 40 Tools In Its Handle


Meet this state-of-the-art and never-before-seen screwdriver, which is a blend of multiple features. This gold-plated ScrewDriverKing is not designed for performing just one function. In fact, it assimilates 40 tools inside it that make it stand out from the rest. As the name suggests, it is the king of all screwdrivers due to its exceptional design functionalities. Now, you can perform various everyday tasks with just a single tool in your hand. However, it should be noted that “Chiseled Design” is the candidate behind manufacturing this incredible tool, making this Screw Driver King submerged in 18-karat gold.

Although the screwdriver looks pretty cool from its outer appearance, there’s more to it than just the embodiment. This unique design offers more space for the integration of tools along with 27-quarter-inch screw bits housed on the outermost area. Similarly, one add-on feature is the inclusion of rulers chiseled into the elevation area for the purpose of taking Imperial and metric measurements. You can easily take out these screw bits by just sliding through the edges in a very smooth manner.

One of the most intriguing things about this incredible tool is that all the screw bits and the rulers are kept inside in a very efficient manner with the help of magnets. This thing keeps all the tools stuck in their places. A removable double-ended flat-head and a Philips head screwdriver are embedded in the longer tube which is located at the center and can act as a file as well. Moreover, in the case of bicycle repairs, there is a removable tube at the bottom of this ScrewDriverKing which can be modified as a “wrench” in different sizes as per the situation.

To that end, the debut has been launched on “Kickstarter” and the advertisement for this incredible tool is expected to be live for the next two months. Thus, the tool will be available in the market at a price range of US$199 but as of now, no dates regarding the availability have been revealed. However, the shipping for the tool is anticipated to start in April 2023 if all goes well as expected.


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