This Is How Fireworks Are Made Using Bamboo

This video from How To Make Everything lays out a quick overview of how to make fireworks using bamboos and other materials.
Credits: lehighvalleymarketplace

However, it must be noted that DIY fireworks are not child’s play and can be very very dangerous. It is therefore advised to practice caution while trying to make this on your own without the supervision of somebody who is already experienced in this domain. The host Ang George also expresses his concern regarding this video inspiring unsafe DIY practices and so keeps his video unclear on purpose.

The video shows that the process to make a simple firework is quite long which explains why many people give up midway sometimes.

The steps involved include cutting bamboo into small pieces and then drying them for several days before crushing them to powder. Next, sulfur, saltpeter, fine ash and iron filings in the appropriate amounts are sieved and added to the powder The mixture is then compacted into the bamboo before being sealed with red earth.

Watch the Video below to see the complete process:


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