This Guy Calculates A Car Crash And It Will Change The Way You Drive

car crash mathematical calculations

Brady Haran, a YouTuber and a number-lover, has created another fantastic video in which he can calculate the effect of a car crashing using its kinetic energy and velocities. He estimates a car crash using his mathematical approach. He also featured equally-number passionate Ben Sparks in the video. He has demonstrated a very impressive accident scenario. He showed why crashes are dangerous even if you were careful. Haran said about the illustration, “This completely sobered me up.”

The Numberphile, Haran, explained, “t is powerful! It made me slow down. The crucial thing to take away is that it is the square of your speed that affects the pull of your energy and that is the bit our intuition is bad at.” He said that car manufacturer had not adopted his system yet, however, he hopes that they will soon contact. Haran has explained the system pretty well in the video, and you won’t be driving the same way if you see the video.


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