This Man Built A Replica Of Disney’s Haunted Mansion Ride In His Garage

replica of disney haunted house

A dad in Wisconsin took the Halloween celebrations to another level by building a replica of the Disney’s Haunted Mansion in his garage. Dan Schmidt is the design director at the Great Wolf Lodge resort chain and knows how to renovate the surplus space in his home. He has been working on the project since 2014, and his children enjoyed every bit of it. The replica project was inspired by backyard PVC roller coasters. He used plywood to form the track’s base. The haunted house initially made to the headlines last year as well, but the spirit of the project was brought back by Gizmodo recently.

The project is a bit more restrained than some other DIY coaster projects, but he also got his kids involved with the building process. The replica looks like the set of some video show. Everything about the project is pretty straightforward apart from the lenticular portraits of his kids which are wedged into the course. He also created a pop-up ghost using PVC pipe, plywood, and a shop vac. Schmidt also entered his replica ride in a ‘Haunt Your Disney ride’ contest last year.

This Man Built A Replica Of Disney's Haunted Mansion Ride In His Garage

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