This Beautiful Beach Chair Got A Multi-million Funding After 3 Years Of Prototyping

Chesluk and Stump had come up with the idea for GoChair much earlier than its actual kick off. It was in late 2014 that they decided to create the GoChair but it wasn’t until the spring of 2018 that they were awarded the patent for their innovative design.

The three years between  2014 and 2018 were spent testing one prototype after another. The various prototypes they tested included the original design consisting of U-shaped legs that tucked into one another, rather than the current design based on telescopic legs. Chesluk and Stump tested the different versions of the U-shaped design until they realized that this design could not get any smaller. That is when they decided to switch to a different design that had sliding metal legs.

The metals legs could slide inside themselves which allowed the folded chair down to come down to a smaller size of 13 inches high which had been the initial target. The design makes the chair light and much less cumbersome to carry which makes it both high quality and easily transportable.

“We took our time with it,”

said Chesluk.

“We made lots and lots and lots of iterations to get it right. We wanted this to be an ultra high-quality product that will make life easier and stand the test of time.”

Go chair folds from a water bottle-sized package into a beautiful chair in seconds. The chair’s small size does not affect its comfort level and it can comfortably seat a full-sized adult.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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