This Girl Takes Selfies To The Next Level Using A Drone

Gopro drone selfies2

Drones can be used for taking epic photographs from above of yourself and they still qualify as selfies since control of the drone is still in the hands of a person taking shots. But, many of these drones are expensive to buy, and you think whether it will be justified to get them just to get selfies. Here is what this Instagramer Renee Lusano has achieved with the help of a drone and a dedicated GoPro camera. She travels a lot and takes her drone “furby” along wherever she goes. Now everybody has good days and bad days, but these pics will sure make it appear that she has been on vacation forever. They sure do look better than your average selfie stick could ever get!

The view from over a bridge. Slick as it gets.

Gopro drone selfies

Lusano on her laundry day. She couldn’t have possibly taken out all those clothes just for this.

Gopro drone selfies2


A perfect snap of a forest from above.

Gopro drone selfies4

Even if it is in a personal pool. Darn!

Gopro drone selfies5

Now this is a real vacationing spot

Gopro drone selfies6

The beach as seen from above. Nice click

Gopro drone selfies7

And an array of amazing videos as well.

Incredible feeling you get while zooming out like a drone.

Most fun I’ve had since summer camp was with @la_swim camping and cliff jumping on #NorCalHoagieTour2015

A video posted by R E N E E (@wrenees) on Jul 27, 2015 at 8:36am PDT

Some random natural footage

So, worth the 3-4 hundred Dollars for you?

Impressed? You can buy your own drone like this here

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