This New Charger Can Charge Your Smartphone Using AA Batteries

Nipper charger2

There is a host of portable power banks available in the market that are very good in charging your gadgets. But you have no way of replacing them once their batteries are dead. The Nipper charger comes up with a solution. It uses the abundantly available AA batteries to recharge your gadgets. Its small size ensures that the charger can fitted in extremely cramped spaces or even wound up to become a part of your key-chain. It can provide extra juice for your gadgets when you are running on fumes.

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The Nipper is composed of two sets of modules that can be rearranged to form a miniscule cube when not in use. But the question is how do they join together to form a lasting bond when they can be easily dissociated. The answer lies in the common Neodymium magnets that hold the two pieces together in the form of a box.

Nipper charger3

When your phone needs charging, you pull apart the two halves of the system, attach AA batteries in between and then the magnets will be holding the batteries in place this time. The idea behind the use of AA batteries is their universal availability from departmental stores to the back of your TV remote. The UK based makers of this handy little gadget claim that a single charge from two AA batteries will be enough to give three hour talk time to a mobile phone depending on the model and battery type. iPhone currently isn’t supported, but it is available for Android phones.

Nipper charger

The company is seeking crowdfunding from Kickstarter with a pledge of only 12 pounds enough to get your hands on it if they reach production. So pledge if you think it can help you in the long term. What I believe is that the Nipper can only be good in emergency situations because people can’t buy AAs all the time just to give a small charge to their devices. We don’t even know about the speed of its charging as well. So would you get it?

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