These Expandable Tents Can Attach With Others to Create A Network

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Beautiful aren’t they? The world is getting connected to each other through various advancements in technology and social media platforms, but it doesn’t always take technology or software to help connect with each other. Sometimes our social lives are affected negatively due to their material nature especially when we are camping outdoors. Physical interaction with other enthusiasts is what is need at that time, and these modular tents help in achieving it by making an endless chain of tents so that everybody remains connected.

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The POD tents as they are called were designed by the UK’s M2C innovation company, and they wanted to transform a tent concept from a lonely abode to an indoor community. No matter how prepared one goes for camping in the wilderness, there always comes a time when you need something to carry on, be it the company of fellow campers or a nice snack. This is where this connected tent concept comes into life. Campers can huddle around in one tent and enjoy card games, drinks and make their way back through the tunnels with ease.

The connector tunnels that have been used in these tents are made from the same waterproof material. They come in eight persons, eight-sided Maxi or four persons, six-sided Mini. Maxi arranges the sleeping bags with their heads in the middle of the circle while, in Mini, the people sleep next to each other in an internal sleeping cell. It divides the sleeping area into sets of two people for privacy, and such a cell can be added to the bigger Maxi as well.

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The arrangement of these tents is a fun part of the process. Different kinds of configurations can be used just like Lego kits. We can arrange them in a single line or a zig-zag pattern if we like it or even a disjointed one so that new arrivals get adjusted wherever they want. M2C believes that this new concept of camping will appeal to all campers from families to hitch-hikers.

connected tents

The appeal of a connected tent system is there, but the pricing may be an issue. At 780 $ for the Maxi and 625 $ for the Mini, these tents don’t fit in the pockets of many explorers plus the cost of 140 dollars per tunnel is just too much for us. The company must come up with a cheaper alternative because we will have to spend a thousand dollars on a single tent when we need it for buying camping hardware too. But, it has no plans of doing so right now.

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Due to the inflated price, M2C was at the receiving end of an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign with Maxi Elite and Mini Elite that were upgraded version of their predecessors. They were even available at a lesser price tag, but the public wasn’t ready to dole out this number of funds to get a quality connected tent. We hope that that the company realizes this simple truth and adapts to the market. They are currently available at 10 percent off, but that doesn’t make a lot of difference sadly.

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