Cusby transforms Sole MacBook USB-C Port Into An All-in-one Hub

Cusby USB-C2

The new USB-C port has changed the dimension of port technology for years to come for all electronic devices from tablets to laptops. But, the new MacBook users have been used to separate ports for HDMI, USB or other data/video ports, and they found the single USB-C port somewhat discomforting for now. It is where Cusby comes in. It is a compact modular and expandable hub that converts USB-C port into a multi-port. It has been introduced to help achieve a smooth transition to the next level USB-C port.

The first thing you don’t need is an ugly piece of equipment lying around your ultra-expensive Mac so the Cusby has been designed as a very compact adapter with HDMi and USB ports present in series. If your laptop doesn’t have either of these, Cusby provides the lot for you in a single compact box. But what if you need to attach a wide nature of ports all the time including USB-C itself? The device has male and female USB-C connectors on either side so that your actual USB-C port is available too.

Each Cusby only supports one kind of port, but due to the presence of male and female USB-C ports in every piece, they can be joined in-series to make a universal hub like this:

Cusby USB-C

Thus, users can expand and reduce whenever they are in need. The hub’s weight is a mere 45.3 grams and dimensions are 1.57×1.57×0.47 inches. So, it is smaller than many other converters out there. A full three piece set would be easy to carry around if needed be. it is currently undergoing crowdfunding on Indiegogo and has achieved 48 percent of its 15,000 $ goal in seven days with 29 days more to go. Pledges start at 39 dollars, and you can get the set for a mere 75$ that will later be priced around 105$. The shipping is expected to commence in October 2015 if all goes as planned!

Look at the video below to get a better understanding:


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