This Is The World’s Smallest Functional Circular Saw

World’s Smallest Functional Circular Saw

Once you have managed to 3D print world’s smallest power drill, the next task is to create another power tool obviously. That is exactly what Lance Abernethy did; 3D printed another miniature power tool for powering his Lilliputian toolbox. This creation is a 3D printed circular saw that can easily fit into a briefcase that is a tiny bit larger than a thumbnail.World’s Smallest Functional Circular Saw 4

Abernethy made use of Onshape software for the designing the saw and then printed it using Ultimaker 2 3D printer. It features all the components that a regular sized circular saw sports; a lade holder, two halves that constitute the main housing and a saw guard. The saw parts have a shell thickness measuring of 0.5mm while featuring a layer height of 21-40 microns. The whole assembly was printed in less than an hour.World’s Smallest Functional Circular Saw 2

Abernethy who is a maintenance engineer from Auckland, New Zealand said, “The saw was just a natural progression from the drill. I would like to be able to make a whole set of power tools just like my Makita set I have. I’m not sure how many I will get around to making though.”World’s Smallest Functional Circular Saw 3

It is being powered via small hearing aid battery and can be turned on using a very small button located on its handle. The saw doesn’t cut anything right now, however, Abernethy is working on a design that will eventually allow him to cut with this miniature saw. Good Luck Abernethy!

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