Samsung Note 5 Being Released Tomorrow – This Is How It Will Look Like

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So we are hardly 24 hours away from the much anticipated Samsung Unpacked event that will feature a release of Note 5 Edge as well. There have been numerous leaks and reports in the media regarding what can or cannot be expected from the mega event of the year from Samsung. Like always there might be a surprise waiting for us when the company gets under the spotlight again.

The primary focus of attention during this meeting will be the Samsung’s flagship phablet Note 5 Edge. The stylus-laden phablet will feature some upgrades from the previous version and it is being launched a month earlier than usual. Samsung usually launches Note series in September, but this is an immediate step into the future to counter the threats posed by Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus that is going to be released in the middle of September. So Samsung has pre-empted the battle between these two.

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According to the buzz around the internet, Note 5 will roughly have the same display specs like its predecessor with 5.7 inches screen and a Quad Hd Resolution. Note 4 was one of the best in this, and we aren’t complaining. However, the build of the new phablet will be closely resembling the better S6 version with Aluminum edges and glass backs. Previous editions had faux leather backs or plastic ones so this is a step higher than them.

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Although Stylus retrieval has become somewhat easier for us, it will be made even more comfortable. It will have an auto-eject feature in the phone that will snap it out partially for you to take out. However, we still don’t know what it will be made from. I am hoping for metallic. Other specs include an increased 4 GB of RAM, a minimum of 32 Gb internal storage like usual and a 64-bit Octa core Exonys processor. There will also be a wireless charging option just like S6 and 16 MP back camera and 5 MP front.

There is also a second announcement on the cards as the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will be revealed (Wow, that is a short description!). But, this phablet won’t have a stylus at its helm, probably to stop direct competition with the Note 5 itself. It is rather seen as a direct rival of a certain iPhone 6 Plus. In other unconfirmed reports, S6 Edge Plus’s specs are more or less likely the same as Note 5’s apart from 3 GB RAM, no stylus and curved screen.

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Samsung is also working on wearable technology, but there are no reports linking it to a possible release as of yet. It would come off as a surprise if it did. For now, only these two phones are on the agenda. The company is also working on a smartwatch round-the-clock, but we won’t be seeing it anytime soon I expect.

Despite the positive acclaim of Samsung’s S6 and S6 Edge phones, the sales haven’t gone as well as hoped for the company. Therefore, they are in somewhat of a hurry to launch the S6 Edge Plus and Note 5. So all eyes on will be on New York this Thursday to see what’s really being unveiled!

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