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This Ford F700 Bullitt Mustang Is On Sale On Craiglist

This Ford F700 Bullitt Mustang Is On Sale On Craiglist

You can find the craziest of deals on Craiglist. About a week ago, a Ford F700 Bullitt Mustang tribute dump truck was posted on the forum. The incredible vehicle even features Bullitt mud flaps along with a Bullitt grille emblem.

The owner of this Ford F700 Bullitt Mustang tribute dump truck has named it as the 2-Year Pet Project. As per the listing, they are the second owner of this amazing truck after buying it from the US Army. As of right now, the Bullitt Mustang has only 24,800 miles on the odometer and it is said that the truck was quite well-maintained by the army.

If you take a closer look at it, you can easily come to the conclusion that this is not just a claim and the truck does look amazing very well-maintained. The listing post further provides some insight into this pet project and claims that it is someone’s pride and joy. The description on Craiglist says, ‘HEIL DUMP BED HAS NEVER HAD A ROCK IN IT… THIS AND THE ALMOST FLAWLESS BODY STARTED THIS WHOLE PROCESS.’

The truck’s amazing condition was the whole reason that led the owner to restore it into this stunning masterpiece. They didn’t use Bondo to repair the tailgate though. Why you might ask. They did so to keep it as original as they possibly could. The vehicle was sanded and then re-painted Highland Green Metallic. The frame along with the front bumpers has also been sanded and painted to match.

Now to the important question; what’s the asking price. The current asking price of this amazing truck is $54,500. As per the owner, ‘Although not Cheap This truck is in many ways much Better Than a New One with Similar Spec, Here is Why: New Ford Truck ONLY Have International Diesel Engines and They are Not Good Google them You Cannot Pump Up The H.P. On Newer Trucks without risking Big Fines and Big Mechanical Issues.’

So, what do you think?