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Can You Solve This Riddle That Is Used To Select Astronauts?

Major Tim Peake is a well-known astronaut and served for 185 days, 22 hours, and 11 minutes on the International Space Station(ISS). He recently published a book titled “Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space”, in which he has addressed the frequently asked questions about space.

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Of the many questions, his fans continuously asked him, was what it takes to be an astronaut. Tim shared one logic riddle from the test question he received. He posted the riddle on his facebook account. Astronauts are not only tested on their knowledge about space but are bombarded with sociological, logical, and skill-testing questions to weed out all scenarios a candidate might not be able to perform during space travel.

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The riddle in Peake’s book goes like: “Imagine that you are facing a cube. This cube can roll to the left, right, forward (towards you) or backward (away from you). There is a dot on the bottom of the cube. Now in your mind, roll the cube: forward, left, left, forward, right, backward, right. Where’s the dot?”

There were varying answers to the astronaut riddle and many people gave the obvious answer that it was on the bottom of the cube. However, a lot of people thought it was a trick question and could not be that simple. Tim Peake replied on Facebook saying, “I loved reading all your answers…and congratulations to all those who said it ended up on the bottom of the cube!”

(Source: Providr)

Did you solve the astronaut riddle correctly and do you have what it takes to go into space?