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Here’s The Secret Behind How This Guy Can Balance Rocks In Any Arrangement

Have you ever heard of the art of rock balancing? Chances are you haven’t, that’s because there are only about 5 professional rock balancers in the world. Today we are going to talk about one of these 5 professionals; Michael Grab, who is capable of piling up rocks in formations that leave the spectators wondering if what they saw was real or magic.

As per Michael, this art is a ‘contemplative stone arrangement’ that requires ‘patience, slow-breathing, adaptation, steady hands and a plethora of other practiced skills’. His project is known as ‘Gravity Glue’ and in this project he balanced rocks of varying sizes and shapes and created seemingly impossible and amazing structures while being on camera.

Michael said, “I began balancing rocks through somewhat of a whim in the summer of 2008 while exploring Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO, USA. Since then, simple curiosity has evolved into a prolific creative passion, and daily meditative practice.” Michael also added that his creations make a peculiar effect on others and on Michael himself. The feeling has been defined by Michael as a feeling that imparts the knowledge that anything is possible.

Michael explained, “The most fundamental element of balancing in a physical sense is finding some kind of ‘tripod’ for the rock to stand on. I’m basically feeling the vibrations of the rocks as they kind of roll over one another. Whenever it rolls over one of those notches, it kind of clicks or locks until you really can’t go anywhere else. When somebody sees something they think is impossible, it has a really interesting impact on the person’s mind as they try to argue with their senses.”

Michael makes use of his skill-set by performing arts that is met by gasps and words such as magical, mystical and impossible. Michael said while talking about his performances, “I just go up and tap one in the middle and it just collapses. And everyone is like [gasp!] So I just like, get down, start making it again. Make it a tiny bit different.”

He also talks about how difficult it is but seems to appreciate the result at the end of the day. “There is nothing easy about it. It can frustrate me to my limits, and then I learn. Or it can reveal magic beyond words, and I learn. Sometimes the rock wins, but most of the time I win.”

Watch this video to see Michael’s mesmerizing skills.

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