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New Speech Mimicking Face Mask Displays Desired Facial Expressions

Guy designs a face mask that visualises facial expressions through LED lights

In the past few months, we have seen it all, starting from the shortage of surgical face masks to developing new innovative face masks. The corona-virus pandemic has surely marked the importance of Face Masks, and we all know that. In the beginning, masks went short even for the front-line workforce, including doctors and health care workers.

These miserable conditions changed in no time; numerous face masks of varying shapes and sizes were introduced in the market. Not only the shapes, the masks too varied in their effectiveness in safeguarding from the virus. The later models of masks are becoming more tech relevant, and mostly it is to increase comfort in breathing while using one.

The new design mask, however, doesn’t come with an exceptional feature to enhance the levels of breathing, but in fact, it shows your desired expressions that get compromised while wearing one. A video game programmer and designer build this innovative tech-based mask. No wonder why it’s so good in how it looks! The designer Tyler Glaiel has named the mask as Jabbermask, respectively.

The skillful designer said on Kickstarter, “I made this mask a couple of months ago after seeing numerous people making cool and unique facemasks.” The guy must have thought, why would I stay behind, and brought this mask which mimics the facial expressions.

He used some excellent skills, and it shows as his model of mask comes with interactive voice control that can make your mask put a smiling face or whatever expression you ask for, on-demand.

It is designed in a way that it brings out facial expressions through LED-Lights; however, sometimes, it does not put out the desired face; instead, it starts creating a rectangle or round shapes. For most of the part, it successfully brings out the asked expression through the interactive voice control, and its the most fun part of this new face mask.

I must say, from a simple prevention tool to the point of having featured with interactive voice control is a whole lot way that masks have traveled in the past couple of months, given the need.

The mask’s fully optioned pro version has a supporting mobile phone application that enables the user to change the colors of the LED’s as well as save a whole playlist to add some fun.

You won’t believe this real thing about this mask is that it even comes with a battery saving mode, which puts the mask to sleep to save energy for later use. The least to mention feature would also spin your head as the mask is washable with having all these computerized essentials installed on it.

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