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David Blaine Flies 25000 Feet High Into The Skies Of Arizona Using 52 Helium Balloons

David Blaine soars 25000 feet into the sky using helium balloons

David Blaine is a famous high-risk act performer, and he recently converted the animated movie UP into reality by flying as high as 25,000 feet in the air using 52 helium balloons. However, it’s not the four-story house that goes up; instead, its David himself.

The guy has a whole portfolio for performing acts of endurance, such as standing on a tall pillar for 35 hours straight or locking himself in a fishbowl along with a lot of other crazy stunts.

According to a statement from Blaine, he has been preparing and training for this event for about two years. He got up to that magnificent height and then used a parachute to land back safely to the ground.

The height that this guy achieved going up with the help of some 52 helium balloons is the height on which commercial flights operate, its as dangerous as crazy as it sounds!

The stunt was a sight to behold; it also went live on Youtube while breaking a world-wide record with having near to 770,000 live viewers. It was performed in an episode of Blaine’s Youtube original series “Ascension.”

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