This DIY Electric ATV Mimicking A Tesla CyberQuad Clocks At 100 MPH


According to a video published on YouTube, a mechanics team made a custom version of a Tesla Cyberquad Electric ATV, and well, it performed magnificently clocking at 100mph.

Ceo of Tesla, Elon Musk, hinted about another thing on stage while introducing the first CyberTruck in 2019, cueing the introduction of the Tesla Cyberquad, which will be an electric Atv, designed to fit in the CyberTrucks bed. This announcement made the fans of Tesla excited. However, it wasn’t clear that if Tesla will make this ATV available as a single buy, but later it was confirmed by Musk that this particular model would be available for the people looking to buy the CyberTruck. The news was reported by Electrek, respectively.

There are some die-hard fans of Tesla that are eager, and it seems that they can not wait for the ATV to launch. Keeping this in context, several people are building their very own version of a functioning DIY Tesla cyberquad.

Here is the most impressive CyberQuad build that has been done by Rich rebuild team. The team made the same version that Tesla constructed for its Cybertruck launch.

According to the reports and the debut suggests that Tesla may use Yamaha raptor ATV, and further, they will make it into an electric model. It seems like this ATV will be a zero motorcycle carrying an electric motor. Using a zero motorcycle power train Steven Salowsky and Rich Benoit of Rich rebuilds used their vast experience with electric conversion jobs.

To initiate the project, they bought a 2008 Yamaha raptor along with some parts from zero motorcycles. At the very start of the project, Benoit wanted to transform the raptor with the electric power train. However, Salowsky did better by giving it a shape like a tesla cyberquad. According to the team in an email to Electrek said, “They had only planned to convert it, then Steven offered to design it to replicate the Tesla Cyberquad,”

At the very start of the project, Benoit wanted to transform the Raptor with the electric powertrain. Still, Salowsky did better when he made it look similar to the Tesla Cyberquad body. “They were going just to convert it, and then Steven offered to design it to replicate the Tesla Cyberquad,” wrote the team, in an email to Electrek.”

It started as origami to create a sense of scale to the pieces, and then Rich had wired the bike up with its new zero motor powertrain and welded the new drive unit to the rear. Steven restructured a new aluminum trestle frame onto the existing quad frame, and then formed and cut the new body.”

It took 300 hours for the team to construct the DIY CyberQuad electric ATV. In a video published by the group, this electric vehicle reached upwards of 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds, which performed better than the Raptor, which did this in 5.4 seconds. Furthermore, the best thing about this invention was that it managed a top speed of 102.5 mph.

Tesla is keen on adding more and more amazing features to this quad; we can certainly be sure of one thing that these talks of DIY vehicles are destined to go on.


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