This Cool Lego Model Shows How The Rotary Engine Of A Mazda RX-8 Really Works

Most of the people consider Lego’s as toys perfect for children. However, the Youtube channel Akiyuki Brick thought more of it and did something impeccable by making a lego model of a Mazda RX 8 engine so they can show their viewers how it works in real-time.

Surprisingly this model is a very on-point depiction of the car engineering done masterfully.

Using the web, we can easily find various lego projects ranging from small planets to more complex ones like functioning real size cars. The video attached in this article depicts one such complex lego project. If you are a fan of seeing things like reconstructing real modern technology using colorful bricks, you have ventured to the right place.

With the use of lego bricks, Akiyuki Brick channels entertain its audience by building a rotary engine model. The description of the video tells us that this model is based on the Mazda 13B-MSP “RENESIS” engine.

With immense concentration, this particular piece contains details that are impressive such as a light going off to show the ignition of the fuel inside. 
This will be very interesting for all the car fanatics out there as it will help them in taking a general idea of how a rotary engine operates.

You will be mesmerized by watching this model in motion as it portrays the true nature of the action perfectly.

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