Watch This Guy Turn A Watermelon Into A Gaming Console

All the DIY creations are filled with fun, but some of them attract everyone’s attention a bit more. The same is the case with a bright student’s idea, which he executed pretty well and made a gaming console fitted in a fresh watermelon.

According to a video posted on Youtube, this student from Singapore is living a dream of many of his age, as he fulfilled his desire and executed pretty well in connecting the big green fruit to a gaming boy, and guess what, it functions perfectly well.

Through the posted video, he demonstrates how feasible it is to carry it along, and the way it is playable is beyond what one would think of a gaming console in a fruit. We must say, the only good thing this pandemic brought to our world is in various creative DIY ideas that we got to see.

We don’t know whether if we should call it a melon boy or not. However, what we do know is that this so-called fruit GameBoy consists of a single board raspberry pie connected effectively to a mini LCD screen, gaming buttons, and an external battery pack. All these components are put in together into a watermelon in the best way possible.

Cedrick is enrolled as an Information Systems student at the Singapore Management University and what else could relate well for him to do such a thing. He knew some basics and had all the free time in his life during the pandemic. He utilized his time and brought out this productive creation, we must say, he made fair use of his spare time.

Raspberry Pi single-chip computers are a fun component to have as it enables connecting lots of computing devices for optimum functionalities. There is a whole online community based on the raspberry pi devices, which helps people share their ideas with others, and the rest learn a lot on how to go about making something creative for themselves. One of the most dreamt projects relevant to raspberry pi computers is to build a gaming console using the said tech. In a statement to, VICE the Information Systems student said. “I decided to attempt the project myself with an added personal twist.”

Given the watermelon’s malleable nature, it’s a surprise that the fruit provided such a perfect fit as a casing for the gaming device. The screen is in perfect positioning for the optimum gaming experience, and the buttons are well snugged into the green fruit that we usually just love to eat.

While in his working hours at the grocery store, Cedrick, in his spare time, plays with his self-built gaming console placing it in the watermelon bin where the now casing sets in a suitable position. It is convenient for him to put it somewhere while he smashes the buttons playing his favorite games. Out of all the fun games, the student shows in his Youtube video that he loves playing “Pokemon Emerald” the most. The customers passing by are always amazed to watch him play his favorite games carrying a watermelon. The guy even takes his loved creation to the train rides proving it to be as convenient to carry and play as a conventional game boy.

While building his dream DIY project, he carefully chose the watermelon, keeping in mind that a much bigger one would be difficult to carry along, resultingly, he chose the one which fits his idea and both his hands the best.

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