Watch This Fascinating Build Of A Fully-Functioning Minature Dam

If you are a fan of mini construction projects then this video by the creative construction channel will blow you away. In this video, these guys are constructing a small water dam which functioning as a real one is a fun watch.

This 25-minute video depicts the talented guy making a dam model from scratch and the number of small details he has put in this project will make you appreciate his work.

The constructer goes step by step while building the masterpiece and gives us an insight into all the thinking and effort that went into making this extensively detailed mini-project.

Although this is not only a model of a dam, in fact, it’s a working one which makes it even more impressive. The 3d printed parts of the dam may be the most exciting part of the video.

The thing that will fascinate you the most is the mechanism that makes the doors of the dam open and closes just like a real one.

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