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This Digital Notebook Saves What You Write In Cloud And Gets Erased In Microwave

It is due to the advancement of science and technology that today we almost always have access to a keyboard or touchscreen. This has rendered the paper notebooks pretty much useless, however, there is still a bit of charm that they hold. The feeling of putting pen to paper is amazing. Thankfully, we can consume a new digital writing gadget – the Rocketbook – which merges the conventional and modern form of writing. Oh and once the pages are full, simply place it in the microwave oven to have the pages wiped clean.

The gadget has been created by Joe Lemay. It is an A4 (8.5×11 inch) notebook and is currently raising funds in its crowdfunding campaign. It has raised about $300,000 while the original goal was to collect only $20,000. The bottom of the Rocketbook pages contains 7 icons that have been given the name of ‘magic buttons’ by the company. User can assign a location in cloud to each button – that is to say that you can simply send what you scribbled down to your choice of storage. All that you need to do is to hit the relevant magic button once you are done.

When you are done writing, open the companion smartphone app (compatible with iOS and Android both) and hold the smartphone above the double page spread to allow the app to scan and process each page before they are directed to the location as picked by the magic button.

You can use any pen to write in the book, however, using Pilot’s FriXion pen allows you to have the pages wiped clean when the device is placed in microwave. The Rocketbook is microwave-safe and the ink in mentioned pen becomes invisible when exposed to heat.

On Indiegogo page, you can get yourself a unit of Rocketbook (50-sheet) for $25 along with a single black Pilot FriXion pen. If all goes well, shipping will start in July 2015.

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