Amazing New Pen Doesn’t Need Any Ink At All

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Many car enthusiasts know Pininfarina as a company that designs cars. But very few would have expected this Italian firm to create a futuristic pen that will last forever.

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The 4.EVER Pininfarina Cambiano writing instrument is a hybrid between a pen and pencil that has a design based on Pininfarina’s new Cambiano concept. The futuristic and elegant device has a tip made of a special ┬ámetal alloy that marks paper like a pencil but is permanent like a pen. The alloy is called ethergraf and gives the pen it’s everlasting characteristic. The tip does not need to be sharpened like a pencil and users won’t have to spend money on refill cartridges like ordinary pens.

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The Italian stationary company, Napkin, invented the tip while Pininfarina, which is most famously known for working with Ferrari among other car makers, designed the elegant body of the pen. The pen is handmade by experienced Italian craftsmen and claims to have the precision of a pencil and the permanence of a pen. The aluminium and wood body are inspired by the Cambiano concept car which is a luxury sports saloon with a glass roof and wooden paneling.

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The price of the pen is unknown as of this moment but it will be able for sale on Pininfarina’s website. A matching notebook is also set to go on sale along with the pen. The notebook will apparently have pages made from stone powder, making it stronger than regular paper and giving it water resistance. The notebook will also feature sketches of the Cambiano concept car.
Amazing new gadget, isn’t it?


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