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Plan V Lets You Charge Your Smartphone With A 9 Volt Battery

Plan V – Charge Your Smartphone with a 9 Volt Battery4

We all love smartphones and hate how they run out of battery so fast, especially when you need them the most, right? Say hello to a Kickstarter campaign by the name of Plan V that aims at ridding you of this frustration by promising a gadget that can charge your smartphone from a 9 volt battery.

It is a light and tiny device that is based on a key-ring. The firm behind this gadget is based in Sydney and goes by the name of Flintu. According to the firm, it is like a car jumper cable but for smartphones. The adapter is really petite and allows users to connect smartphones or other devices into a 9 volt battery provided by the user.

The basic idea is for the user to take out Plan V and connect it with a 9 volt battery if the smartphone battery runs out of charge. This will allow a talk time worth 4 hours on a Galaxy S5. The only downside to this approach is the fact that you would have to carry a battery with you. The device weighs 7 grams and is about the size of a key. Flintu is aiming to get its hands on Apple MFI certification to come up with a version for the iPhone as well.

You can get one unit for a pledge of $12.80 on Kickstarter. So, who’s interested?