Here Is A Smartphone Battery Pack That Can Be Charged In 5 Minutes


What is the only downside to the smartphone ‘boom’ that seems like never-ending? Yes, the battery issue is the only problem with this advancement in technology. A startup based in Oxford is looking to raise funds by relying on crowdfunding to develop Zap&Go – a phone charger that focuses on speed and portability. It is being claimed that the gadget is capable of charging 1,500-mAh battery in 5 minutes.Zap&Go4

This has been achieved using a super-capacitor made from graphene and power supply which is reportedly an ad-hoc. The battery that has been incorporated packs enough juice to power up an iPhone 5s. The gadget aims to provide a speedy and portable battery pack, which will be useful while traveling. Why is this gadget different than already released devices or those that are about to be released? The answer is simple; the current battery packs come with big adapters and don’t offer much practicability. Not to mention they, too, require larger amount of time to get completely charged.Zap&Go3

Comparing them with Zap&Go reveals that the design’s main features have been speed and portability – it loads up on charge in 5 minutes and has an embedded power supply thus removing the need for extra adapters. The Indiegogo page of the device claims that it it can charge any kind of smartphone or tablet having the standard (5-volt) USB port. It can also be used as a normal charger where it can be simply plugged into an electrical socket and charges your smartphone in the conventional way. You can also simply plug the device for charging when you’re on the go.Zap&Go2

The product is at its prototyping stage with a working prototype already in place, according to the company’s founder, Stephen Voller. Stephen also told that the gadget needed two huge modifications/innovations; first of which was the replacement of aluminum foils found in supercapacitors with graphene that led to the reduced size of the product, and the second innovation being the induction of a new power supply, enabling the gadget to draw in enough power within the specified time frame.Zap&Go

Zap&Go will start deliveries next year in October for a pledge worth $99 and shall be delivered with the US plug as standard, however, it will contain plug adapters for UK, Japan and EU. The campaign has already made its way past 1/3rd of the target fund, which is $30,000. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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