Convert Your Bicycle Into A Solar Electric Bike With This New Gadget

Daymak e-Bike Conversion Solar Kit

Daymak Inc. was the company behind a number of interesting and intriguing innovations in the electric two-wheelers market. This time, the company based in Toronto, is all set to release the Daymak Drive System – DDS – an e-bike conversion kit that is powered by solar energy.

The main component of DDS is a wheel that has been equipped with a 36-volt 12-Ah lithium-polymer battery and a 250 watt motor. Both of them are located inside the hub. This wheel replaces the rear wheel on your bike. The hub also houses a series of solar panels that are covered and protected by a clear plastic covering.Daymak e-Bike Conversion Solar Kit2

The basic idea is that as long as the bike is out in the sun, either in motion or parked, it will be able to store continuous electricity for the battery. As per Daymak, one hour of exposure to the sunlight will allow for charge worth one kilometer of battery power. The second component of the system also comes equipped with the solar panels and is affixed at the handlebar. This controller monitors features such as how much motor assistance is required. The communication between the controller and motor is wireless, and both can be charged via a charger which is part of the package.Daymak e-Bike Conversion Solar Kit3 Daymak e-Bike Conversion Solar Kit

DDS will be available next year with 26 and 28 inch wheel sizes for disc and V-pull brakes. The price will be $699 and will take less than 5 minutes to swap with the existing wheel. However, there is a DDS-dedicated bike on the horizon too, that is if you are too lazy to change the wheel.


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