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Company Is Selling This $650 Thought Box That Will Help You Think Without Distractions

Open offices have become the norm of today and distractions are on the rise. It is becoming harder for a person just to take five and indulge in any kind of thought without getting disturbed. If you are among the many, who want to find a way to simply ‘think,’ then the Thought Box is for you! The Thought Box is priced at $650 and is essentially a box made of cardboard and fabric that you can put over your head and take back some of your personal space.

For the uninitiated, the Thought Box is precisely what its name implies; a box that will help you think. Simply sit down on the Thought Stool that is included in the package and put the amazing Thought Box over your head. You can use the earplugs that are a part of it to unplug yourself from everything that is happening around you while you think. If this has your interest piqued, pay a visit to The Form Emporium online store and order yourself a Thought Box today!

The amazing Thought Box has been created in Great Britain and features a cardboard and lycra box. The box houses an internal plastic helmet that is adjustable thus fits the user’s head without causing any issue. The box also has earplugs, five interchangeable colored fabric filters as per the mood of the user. The package also contains a Thought Stool that has been crafted from solid beech.

As per The Form Emporium product page, the Thought Box serves as a personal space in which the user is able to think. It is supposed to ‘promote mental efficiency.’ The product became a viral sensation on Twitter last month once the BBC 2 Radio host Jeremy Vine shared it. Many who responded to his tweet were not only confused about the purpose of the box but also furious at the high price tag that came along with it.

If you want to get yourself a Thought Box, then you need to act quick. That is because only 10 units are available on The Form Emporium as of right now. Best of luck!