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This Mask By LG Now Comes With Speakers And A Mic

LG Adds Mic And Speakers To Its New Battery-Powered Air Purifying Masks: Launches Next Month

LG recently announced an updated version of its high-tech, air-purifying face mask named LG PuriCare. The company hasn’t announced pricing or availability but says the PuriCare will launch in Thailand next month with other markets to follow once approved by local regulators.

Last year LG stepped into the face mask game. It initially introduced the HEPA mask, which uses replaceable air filters and built-in fans to filter the air. The new version has a smaller and lighter motor and built-in microphones and speakers that amplify the wearer’s voice. The technology used, known as VoiceON, automatically recognizes when users are talking and amplifies their voice through the built-in speaker.

However, the original LG mask faced a serious glitch that made it less popular. Reports suggested that people heard stifled words, and users had to get rid of their masks to communicate.

Therefore, with LG’s VoiceON feature, a person’s voice will be amplified whenever they talk. However, it remains switched off when you are just breathing, eliminating the unnecessary heavy breathing sound.  

Various other features have also been improved in the new version. The new LG PuriCare mask weighs 94 grams, has a built-in 1,000mAh battery, and recharges in two hours via USB. LG claims it’s comfortable enough to wear for up to eight hours at a time, but in my experience, no mask is truly comfortable after a few hours.

Notably, the mask does not in any way claim to provide protection against the deadly COVID-19. However, HEPA filters in the mask do indeed catch 99.7 percent of viral particles. The product is cautiously marketed as an air purifier, and without any scientific proof, we should not claim its efficacy.

LG is not the first company to put voice-amplification tech in a face mask. A laptop company named Razer has previously launched Hazel mask, supposedly arriving in limited quantities later this year, offering similar features. In addition, Razer’s mask also has LED lighting with an ultimate cyberpunk effect.

Keeping style in mind, Razer’s mask clearly wins over, but LG has not yet launched, so wait until you find the market’s newest hit. Nonetheless, these new products indicate a new era of hi-tech masks.

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