This New Mask By Razer Comes With A Built-In Mic And Speakers

The pandemic has required everyone to wear a mask and it has been responsible to protect people. However, with the mask, it has become a problem that people are not audible enough. The company, Razer has brought a solution for this. Zephyr Pro is a wearable mask that has a voice amplification feature in addition to built-in speakers. 

In January last year, Razer had discussed the concept and called it Hazel. A year later, it is now Zephyr and Razer already has a Pro version of the product. The mask has a soft silicone face seal with a dual strap design that can fit all head sizes comfortably yet securely. Zephyr is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the company claims. However, it isn’t recommended for use in medical or clinical settings.

It also offers the same two-way protection as other N95 masks with its N95 filters that not only filters the air you inhale but also what you exhale. The dual intake fans fitted on the mask do not spin any faster than the 4200/6200 RPM presets that the Zephyr carries, or you can even switch them off if you wish. 

The design of the mask is transparent. It has lights inside that can illuminate your face when you interact with others and the 16.8 million colors on the circular vents can be customized with an app. So, the only feature that separates the Pro from the regular is the voice amplification feature.

The speaker grills are incorporated near the bottom filters of the mask or the voice amplification button on one of the intake vents. It does not add to the weight of the mask.  

CES 2021: COVID-killing mask's built-in microphone amplifies speech | Daily  Mail Online

The Verge reported, Razer expects to deliver a similar battery life and only needed to shave off the weight of the new microphone and speakers on the Pro, which is achieved by laser milling the speaker grills. Users are advised to switch off the voice amplification once a conversation is ended.  

The Verge reports that Pro will cost $149.99 as against the standard Zephyr’s price of $99.99. With a 99-day pack of N95 filters that you need to replace every three days, the cost will go up to $199.99 as against the $149.99 of Zephyr. 

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